He’s coming home!

I’m very excited right now, and I can barely sit still! My hands are starting to shake a bit, I have butterfly’s in my stomach, and my heart is pounding.  I’m doing everything  I can to keep myself busy, and to make time pass faster (including laundry, which I HATE).  So why am I so excited?  My AJ is coming back!

He left Florida at about 10:45 CST, and has only stopped for about 4 hours to get some rest.  He will be here, if my math is right, in about 1 1/2- 2 hours! I haven’t seen him for three months, so I’m so excited I can’t control myself.  My poor tired husband will get attacked when he comes to pick me up.

Amazingly, not only did he get 6 days to travel, he also got 12 days of leave!  So I get to keep him for almost 3 weeks!  Or maybe at least three weeks! I hope he doesn’t get flown out too soon after he reports to TPU, I want him to stay here as long as possible!

We’re planning to get a hotel on the weekends, and he is going to stay with me during the week (when I have class) since he doesn’t have a room until he reports.

I’m sooooo excited! Jumps up and down.

Time simply isn’t passing fast enough! Although I shouldn’t complain considering I wasn’t expecting him til Sunday evening.  He is also coming on  weekend I don’t have to work today and Monday, so the timing is perfect!

I don’t know what to do with myself at all!  I need a way to make the time fass paster… er pass faster!


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