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Text Fiasco

Posted in Communication, Separation with tags , , , , , , , , , , on August 11, 2009 by aedd

Today I learned an important lesson: never assume.  Of course, I’ve ‘learned’ this lesson many times in the past, but this refresher was a lovely kick in the ass.

First thing I do every morning is check my phone.  My husband is two hours behind me, and I’m on a night schedule whereas he is on a day schedule, so often I have messages from early in the morning.  This morning’s read: “Baby i gotta tell you something or its gonna kill me… Promise you wont get mad”.

Everything possible went through my mind, from Captain’s Mast (which is non-judicial punishment, basically, you go to the captain if you do something that can’t be resolved by the lower part of your chain of command) to him no longer loving me and/or cheating on me.  I even thought he was going to tell me the guy he hangs out with is a girl.  Come to think of it, I’m not actually sure ‘he’ is a guy.

I frantically began texting my husband everything I could think of to get his attention.  Honestly, I was totally freaked out.  I got in the shower and cried, over a text that told me absolutely nothing!

I kept trying to convince myself that it was nothing major, but I’m one of those who never listens to advice, especially my own.  I shot down everything it could possibly, and still worried about every one of them.  I even worried he was going to tell me he was dead… dumb, right?

Shortly before I left for PT, I finally got another text back, this one read: “Oh sorry. In class… Didnt have phone on… Was just gonna tell you sonic is better than whataburger”.  Basically, I cried over fast food. Fast food that wasn’t even mine.

At first I was furious at him, then myself.  The embarrassment came shortly after that.  I freaked over fast food… *facepalm*

I did learn a valuable lesson about communication and not assuming the worst though.  Of course, next time around, I’ll probably have forgotten all about it.  I hope not though.

The best part though, and something I love about my marriage.  After all my freaking out, and my husband getting upset at the idea that I even thought he would cheat on me, we ended up having an amazing conversation, and telling each other (in icky sweet words lol) how much we love each other.

Even after an argument, those conversations always put a dopey grin on my face.